Welcome to SEAMC

SEAMC is a mathematics competition for schools located in South East Asia. If you are a school located in NorthEast Asia please check out NEAMC.

SEAMC is a volunteer teacher organized event. As such, there is a limited capacity to the number of schools and students invovled in the event.

SEAMC is at capacity and is not able to accomodate any other schools that are interested in attending this competition.  We encourgage other teachers and schools to take the lead and also host a mathematics compeittion. 


Steve Warry, an enthusiastic teacher of the Alice Smith School, Kuala Lumpur had a belief that Mathematics could be a ‘spectator sport’. In pursuit of this, he organised the South East Asian Mathematics Competition (SEAMC) for March 2001. Tragically, he passed away the week prior to the competition, but the event went ahead and Steve’s dream became a reality.

SEAMC has evolved into an annual 2-day event organised by local volunteer teachers on a rotational basis throughout the region. Hundreds of international school students, aged 15 or younger, and their teachers come together for a long weekend (usually at the end of February) each year to share their enthusiasm for Mathematics and problem solving. Each school enters two teams of three students and the Warry Cup is awarded to the overall winning team each year.

Every SEAMC event has five common rounds and then the host country adds more bespoke rounds according to facilities and resources available.  The five common rounds are:

  • Two individual multi-choice papers
  • A team question paper
  • A carousel of practical team activities
  • An energiser round!

While there exists a healthy competitive spirit, emphasis is on providing opportunities to build friendships with peers from other schools. This is emphasised through the buddy team rounds.

We have been very fortunate to welcome many high profile mathematicians as the guest speaker each year, including Professor Sandra Kentish, Johnny Ball, Douglas Butler, Marcus du Sautoy, Ron Lancaster, Tony Gardiner, Rob Eastaway, Andrew Jeffery and Craig Barton. If you are a Mathematician interested in becoming a part of the SEAMC family as guest speaker, please contact us via email at seamcinfo@gmail.com

The 2015 speakers at SEAMC are Ron Lancaster and Professor Sandra Kentish